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The Gary Crew

Meet The Team



The youngest member! I deal with shipping books. I'm also the person behind the website design. Big fan of video games, I also enjoy graphic novels and working on my digital art! LOVE the covers of Jimmy Olsen comics.


Some comics I've enjoyed include Batman: The Long Halloween, Ms Marvel, SuperMutant Magic Academy, Tomie, and My Favorite Thing Is Monsters.



My name is DAN! I do some computer-related work at The Warehouse. In my Free-Time, I like to Play Guitar in Bands, Watch Films, Paint Miniatures, Play D&D, Read Comics and Look At Websites! I have been here for 5 Years and am the most Recent Addition to the Gary Dolgoff Comics Crew. I am the Second Youngest Employee.

I love Swamp Thing, Hellboy and Horror Comics! I like to think about Matter-Eater Lad. I have also shown an interest in Pulp-Magazines…



I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

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Mark has a natural affinity for nearly mindless tasks with no end, making him a fine candidate for putting every blessed thing in alpha-numeric order. His hatred of mucilaginous scotch tape from the 1970's fuels the cleansing fires of a mind bent on tidying up the place. For over a decade the third youngest employee has haunted the halls of this hallowed house of wares, leaving only to organize LEGO and action figures at home. 

Thinks he likes the idea of reading

X-Men comics.

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I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.



GDC Manager, Professional Guitar Pedaller, Amateur Skateboarder, Jalapeño Potato Chip Enthusiast, “California Rude Boy”

My favorites are Stan Lee/Steve Ditko Spider-Man, Ed Brubaker/Sean Phillips collabs, the power trio of Jack Kirby pencils/Chic Stone inks/Stan Goldberg colors, Alan Moore, Katsuhiro Otomo, Charles Burns, Frazer Irving, Johnny Craig, Bushmiller’s Nancy, Gould’s Dick Tracy, early Peanuts, and Omega The Unknown.



Comic grader/assessor, warehouse assistant/advisor. I’ve worked at GDC for nearly half of my life = a long time!
I prefer bikes to cars. Music is the healing force of the universe.
My love of comics runs deep, fostered by an unhealthy relationship with early Image comics and the Death of Superman arc in my youth, but has luckily grown to include favorites from all eras and genres - though I am most interested in the obscure and esoteric. Listing just a couple favorites feels too hard, but my discovery of Raw and the first Drawn and Quarterly anthologies in my later teens set the foundation for where my comics’ heart now points. But of course: Kirby is King; I’m continually bowled over by Emma Rios work; and Miyazaki’s Nausicaa is a masterpiece. So yeah, a little bit of everything!



I'm the 9th youngest!

Favorite comic book titles include Conan the Barbarian, Nancy, and Luke Cage. 


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