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Amazing Fantasy 15 for sale NOW!

The first appearance of Spider-Man only happens in one comic and here is your chance to behold its magnificence! Click HERE to see the listing!

Written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko - this is an essential comic book for any serious collector.

As one can see from the scans provided, we at GDC think the years have treated this book better than most, leaving the cover image drawn by Jack "The King" Kirby to shine out in all its iconic glory!

Bid with confidence that you have the chance to own one of the most important pieces of comics' history!

CGC Grader Notes:

""scuff"" on shoe front cover breaks color

light, multiple crease full top of front cover breaks color

moderate spine stress lines

small piece out right top of front cover

small, multiple chip out spine

small, multiple tear right top of back cover


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