- We pride ourselves, on exceptionally tight, consistent grading 'that you can count on!

- Although we happily sell to Dealers and Collectors Worldwide - our grading standards are - without exaggeration - tight enough, that we probably sell 75% of our inventory to our fellow dealers. [(Many of whom, 'keep on coming back' - year after year - as it is consistently, 'worth their while')! (So to all you collectors out there, it's definitely 'worth your while' as well)].

BUT ENOUGH TALK: Here's, some specifics:

FVF (Fine/Very Fine) (most peoples' Very Fine - to, VF+) - Very sharp copies; 'looks like new', or 'damn close'... In most cases, our highest grade...
VGF (Very Good/Fine)(most peoples' FN+ or better) - sharp copies, with a tiny flaw or two.
VG (Very Good) (many peoples' FN - to FN) - some wear, 'here and there', but still - a pretty clean, solid copy.
G+/ GVG (Good Plus to Good/Very Good) (most peoples' Very Good Minus to Very Good ) - Can have some creasing, & can look like it was 'read': still, a 'very collectible grade'! May also have some small tear(s), etc.
FRG/ G- (Fair Good to Good Minus)(most peoples' Good) -Somewhat more wear than a G+ / GVG; may have some (but not lots) of tape on it; could have a number of creases (although the book is not 'ugly' by any means); may have a few small tears. Looks like it was read a number of times; 'still a respectable copy'.
FR (Fair) May have a 1" (or so) piece missing from the front (&/or back) cover. Could have a 1"to 4" (or so) 'clean' spine split. Can have many creases....- Although there are a # of 'flaws' that can apply to this grade -it is still a decent, 'together''reading copy' - (when you purchase that FAIR' from G.D. Comics, that is!)
FRPR/PR+ (Fair/Poor to Poor Plus) Pretty 'hammered', but basically readable.
PR(Poor) 'You take your chances': May have a large tear through (or piece out of) the book; may be brittle; etc.